Payment or Card declined at Checkout from ActionTiles Shop

We are very sorry to hear of the trouble. It certainly be caused by our payments processor (Stripe), as we are a new account for them and they may be more aggressive than usual in blocking charges to ensure fraud prevention. As a new business, ActionTiles must also be extra careful to avoid losses due to fraud and chargebacks. Security of all sorts is our #1 priority!

Looking more closely at your charge attempts, we may discover a specific reason code, but...

The recommendation is to contact your card provider (the phone number on your card, or that of your bank) and they ought to be able to explain further. For example, they may just be blocking payments to a new vendor or foreign vendor (we are currently "based" only in Canada), ... or perhaps the zip code on file for your account doesn't match your checkout address? In such situations, they are just protecting you, and can possibly unblock the charge with just a click on their end.

You have these options:

(If this is going to take you some time, please let us know so that we can extend your ActionTiles trial period expiration date by up to 7 days).

  1. Please contact the card issuer(s). This would would be very helpful to us too, actually, to know the explanation in case it affects other Customers. We have had just a few other card declines reported by the system.
  2. (Currently NOT ENABLED: Stripe also accepts Apple Pay and Bitcoin (BTC). I don't have a specific Bitcoin exchange/wallet to recommend at this time, but I have used both Circle and Celery. They have low fees and are reputable.)
  3. Please wait a day (or two or a week?) and see if Stripe and/or your Bank has perhaps automatically become more liberal with your card and/or our account. Sometimes there is a temporary glitch in their systems or their connections to MasterCard, VISA, etc.
  4. Please follow our Support and Feedback Forum (Licensing & Purchasing category), as that is where we will post any general updates to this topic, including the remote possibility that we have added alternative payment methods.

Thank-you for choosing to purchase ActionTiles!

We sincerely apologize for the hiccup and hope that it is solvable.

Please keep us posted with any info from your research or questions we might be able to answer.

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