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Location Mode Tile Displaying Incorrect Mode

xdreamwalker 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 1 year ago 9

I have noticed that my Mode tile does not always show the correct mode. It seems to happen when SmartThings has switched from Away to Home.

A screenshot shows that AT shows Away, but ST shows Home.

I have tried to change the mode using the AT tile, the tile will show home, but after a refresh of the page it shows Away again. The ST IDE Log shows this after I try to change the mode to home via the AT tile.


Hmmm... I'll see if we can reproduce this error.

If anyone else is experiencing it; please chime in, thanks!!!

I think its a Smartthings issue, not ActionTiles. I noticed this about 6 months ago and I created a core piston as a workaround to set the mode based on SHM.

Well this hasn't been happening lately. I'm not sure what changed, if anything.

My SmartThings phone app (classic), webcore, and IDE show one location mode and my ActionTiles displays all how another. This occurs when I use a webcore piston to change the $smh $locationmode variable. This appears to be a delay of several minutes. 

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1. What is the "$smh" variable??

2..Please note that SmartThings's "location.mode" (shown in the OP's screenshot and in ActionTiles's Mode Tile) is entirely distinct from the Smart Home Monitor SmartApp's "Armed Mode" (shown on the SmartThings Classic App dashboard solutions page and the ActionTiles Smart Home Monitor Tile).


The $locationmode (forgive the error) variable in webcore is the Location mode. 

Well... is SmartThings failing to relay Mode changes to ActionTiles from time to time?

Please try some or all of these:

  • While changing the Location Mode in various ways, please observe the Live Logging tab in https://account.SmartThings.com ; For example, carefully compare what happens when changing Location Mode via the SmartThings Classic App vs via WebCoRE. Changes should be logged and should be reflected immediately in ActionTiles, regardless of the method used, unless one method is not functioning properly on the SmartThings side. ActionTiles just "subscribes" to changes to the Location object.
  • Try updating your ActionTiles Connector by Authorizing or De-Authorizing a Thing (under My Locations / location / AUTHORIZE.
  • Try uninstalling the "ActionTiles V6 (Connect)" SmartApp using SmartThings Classic App / Automation / SmartApps. Then re-add the Location (which re-installs the SmartApp) via ActionTiles / My Locations / (+).



Having this issue as of late, appears to be related to the move from "Classic" to "...whatever the new one is called"

- Changing modes directly in ActionTiles will show the correct mode

- Changing modes via the ST app (new not classic) will not reflect the mode change in ActionTiles

I seem to have temporarily resolved the problem by hitting the 'power' toggle for the ActionTiles app from the SmartApps screen in the new ST app.  This loaded for a second then brought me to the configuration screen for ActionTiles (where one can select devices and such).  At that point I hit "done" which took me back to the SmartApps screen (power toggle still 'on').  From here, ActionTiles is now displaying the correct location mode.

Looking at the LiveLog for each (pre / post fix), the 'locationEventHandler' and 'sending data to AT' are simply not present pre fix

12:37:07 PM: debug sending data to AT
12:37:07 PM: debug locationEventHandler [name:mode, deviceId:null, isoDate:2020-10-25T17:37:07.371Z, unit:null, value:Night]

Please open a private ticket and include you account information. There are a few things we could try to resolve this.