Fully Kiosk Browser turn off tablet backlight without locking screen ?

Chad 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated 4 years ago 5
Android Fire

I'm learning the details of Fully Kiosk Browser, it's great !   I'm setting up a control panel/tablet using FKB and ActionTiles.  It's installed in a bedroom.  Screensaver does an admirable job of setting the brightness level to 0; however, on a cheap tablet in a dark room, it's quite obvious that the tablet backlight is still on.   I'd like an option to turn off the backlight, but not actually lock the tablet as I don't want to have to swipe up to "unlock" the android tablet.    I just want to tap/motion, have the backlight turn on and be immediately presented with my FKB running ActionTiles.   

Thoughts or Ideas ?

I had the same issue and couldn't find the solution. the only way to get a tap function is with a screen saver. the power off option doesn't work with tapping, only motion. what about having the screensaver be some kind of dim digital clock?

That's a good idea, Matt.  Appreciate you sharing your experience.  With the dim clock, I *think* I might still have the same problem as the backlight would still be on.  Most of the time, not an issue, but only an issue in a very dark room (e.g. bedroom).   Maybe it's a device limitation ?   Maybe Android/Fire simply doesn't allow applications to turn off the backlight and keep the device unlocked ?

I suspect it will still be back lit, I'm just thinking from a phychological perspective you may be less annoyed by a clock than a backlit black screen.

That's a really subtle point that I overlooked, and you just might be right, I suppose.