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Actiontiles running on Tesla monitor

Juval 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by L MITCHELL 4 years ago 2

I was able to find few discussion about this topic, and it may work. But as a new owner of a Tesla Y, I wonder if any of the forum members, can explain if  and how it possible, to install the AT on my Tesla screen?

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ActionTiles app works of any modern browser. If this Tesla model has a browser, the app should work.


I have intergrated ActionTiles in my 2020 Tesla model 3's browser. Works well but has small caveat where there is a limit to the amount of tiles that can be displayed within the browser window. Still working on a fix/workaround or troubleshoot cause. Can currently have a grid of 6 tiles in height X 9 tiles in length but it does not completely fill the browser window.

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