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ActionTiles switches to different panel on its own

thenrich 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 7

I have a “main” panel (overview/dashboard) with a tile to open a “lights” panel (that has ALL the light controls). Every couple days, the dashboard just switches itself to the lights panel. I’ll go to bed and it’s on the main panel, then in the morning it’s on the lights panel. Neither my wife nor me touched it in the meantime.

help? not a huge issue but definitely annoying when the point of the main view is to be the ever-present overview at a glance.

running through FullyKiosk on an Amazon Fire HD 8, if it makes a difference.

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It seems to me that you have some condition in Fully to switch to Start URL (f.e hour of the day, motion detection or network loss). Please double check you fully settings.

I double checked them (again, so… triple?) and there’s nothing in there that would change the view to anything but the Start URL which is my “main” panel. No other AT panel has been linked anywhere – the only way to access any of them is from the main view.


ActionTiles does not have any features to switch between panels automatically. There must be some external factor that's causing this.

We had a couple of users who had tablets with  "phantom clicks". These tablets would register clicks when no one would touch the tablet. These clicks usually occur on the same section of the screen.

Does you Main panel have a shortcut tile to Light panel? If you want to test for phantom clicks, add a PIN Code option to this shortcut tile and see if the PIN Code menu will open up seemingly all by itself.

Let me know if you confirm this theory.



I didn't try the PIN Code idea yet, but I did re-arrange the tiles to move the panel shortcut elsewhere on the screen and haven't had this happen again, so that might have been it. Interestingly the two separate tiles that are now in its previous position haven't had any phantom click activity (the lights haven't randomly turned on or off), so who knows.

In the past, such behaviour was linked to faulty chargers. This is just a theory, there's not enough information to confirm this.

I would be curious to see if the phantom click activity could be confirmed by adding a PIN confirmation to see if it popups on it's own...



That does seem to be the case. I re-arranged my tiles a bit and haven’t had any problems, then shuffled a few more things yesterday – and just now saw the Home Mode tile trigger. What’s odd is that it’s not in the same spot as the previous panel shortcut, but in the row right below that.

Might be time to look at using a different tablet. This Kindle Fire was a good deal but is also super limited.

Amazon Fire tablets go on sale periodically. While not the best performing tablets, they are certainly good value. They work great out of the box using the ActionTiles Kiosk App, or Fully Browser if you need to use some advanced features.

If we are now certain that the culprit is not the ActionTiles app itself, I would like to complete this ticket. Please let me know if you have any other questions.