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Authorise things lists - informative headings?

Inge Jones 4 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated 4 years ago 2

Am I right in guessing that the reason there are so many authorise things lists is that each one represents a capability or property?  If so, it would be good if each list instead of being headed "Select more things" actually had the capability or property name in the heading.

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Some of the capabilities that the selectors are looking for are meaningless to a typical user.

This issue is mostly moot since the integration is soon to be replaced with the new API which only offers one checkbox to grant permission to all devices.

"select more things" is meaningless to most users, who wonder why they are being offered almost the same set of objects in each list.  At least the capability heading would be meaningful to some :)  But like you say, it won't matter once the API changes.