Anyone figure out a way to use Smartlife or Tuya devices with Actiontiles?

mastamind518 4 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by BrianP 4 years ago 6

Really love actiontiles but I have several smartlife outlets and switches that are not integrated into ST. Is there a solution for

smartlife/tuya devices with ST and/or AT?

It depends on how technical you are.

A lot of the Smartlife and Tuya products can have their firmware flashed with code from an open source project called Tasmota. It is a complete overhaul of the device functionality which can then be configured to run in Smarthings with a Tasmota Device Handler.

Not for the faint of heart though.

Thanks. I would prefer not to open up my outlets to flash them. Sonoff was easily accessible but my outlets will be a pain to reassemble nicely.

I think your best bet is in the smartthings community ...

That said , looks like people have been trying to get something working for almost 3 years.  

Do you have a raspberry pi?  maybe this could be integrated via webCoRE...


I saw where you can get an app in the appstore (Brilliant Smart) that is essentially the same thing as SmartLife, but it's still connected to IFTTT/Echo/Google.  You'll have to go through disconnecting your devices from SmartLife and then adding them to Brilliant Smart.  I would suggest trying one and setting it up in IFTTT before moving everything over.  I have a few tuya devices that I'm going to be moving over soon as well.  Good luck.

Thanks, the only way I found a way to make a tile in AT through IFTTT was with virtual switches. And these dont update the device state if I manually turn something off or have Alexa or Google do it. 

You'll have to setup IFTTT to update the tuya device and also update the virtual Smartthings switch.  You'll usually have to set one for off and one for on.