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Native Panel Navigation - Wrapper

Greg Walker 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by James Batchelor 4 years ago 3

I know many people set up a Navigation Bar at the top or the side of each of panels using Panel tiles. An existing feature request mentions that since you can’t have a Panel tile for the panel it’s on, (i.e., Panel—>Self), a consistent navigation bar is not quite possible. 

Also, using up a whole tile row/column for just panel navigation is a bit wasteful on precious wall panel real estate. I thought I had previously seen a request for quarter-height or other fractional tile sizes, but can’t find it right now. In any case, I think it would be a widely used feature if AT simply added an option to create a Panel wrapper to fit in a more confined space. Implemented as a native AT feature would save the trouble of users having to write/customize their own wrapper HTML, such as the LCARS interface documented on the ST Community. See photo of my example:


Sorry, was having trouble getting UserEcho to upload a picture or file. Looks like this last attempt worked.

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This is very interesting and sensible idea. Let's hear some thought about this!

I dedicate the top row to Navigation. Each child panel has a lone tile on the top to go back up one level. The placement is always the same so the users knows by placement what BACK means when one child panel... 

I build data analytics dashboards/apps for a living, most have 'menu' bars that can be horizontal or vert. and can be collapsed into the side out of the way when not needed.  or work against the 3 bar/hamburger icon and expand out of it.

These tools I use have most of that canned for plumbing into an application.  So you add a 'Menu' object, specify how many lines/buttons, how it opens/closes from the main icon, and where each link goes. All the underlying code is generated as you set each parameter.

Now.. having a row of tiles as navigation is ok if I could use these tiles as an indicator.  ex.  I have a sim. ST open/close object that is set via webcore based on the status of all my open/close sensors.  if any 1 is open, this indicator goes to open.  I have this on my main panel showing house global open/close status..  too bad that same tile cannot be a click to the panel where I detail out all the sensors... I would do this for all Nav tiles (where appropriate) to not have redundant info. like.. assign room temp to the nav tile for a bedroom.   I do this routinely in the stuff I build for work.  all main KPIs are clickable to the details.  Info tiles could have option to allow link, no?  I get the action ones cannot..  but info?  

Lots of ways to do navigation I know.. and no one solution solves everyone's desires...