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Onscreen keyboard for cast smart devices

Michelle 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated 4 years ago 10

I have been playing with the ability to cast websites to a smart display (google, Lenovo) and it would be great if ActionTiles added a keyboard icon option at the login that you could select to bring up an on-screen keyboard so I can enter my credentials. These smart displays don’t have access to a keyboard.

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Hi Michelle,

We toyed with the idea of integrating with Chromecast, but so far unsuccessfully.

What was your method to cast ActionTiles to a smart display?

Hi, I’m using Google assistant relay with my raspberry pi and webcore (https://community.smartthings.com/t/release-assistant-relay-v3-3-beta/176402) that lets you cast a website to a google display. Unfortunately I am not able to use actiontiles because of the required login. I saw a similar idea on a shartptools that had a keyboard icon next to the login to allow input. LastPass has the function to bring up an onscreen keyboard within the login fields. 

I was able to test a couple of smart displays (GH, Lenovo) with an onscreen keyboard (https://mottie.github.io/Keyboard/) and found you cannot select the user/password fields on the GH. You can however, select the virtual keyboard and type on the Lenovo. I casted (dash cast) Whatismybrowser.com to the Lenovo and found it’s running Chrome 80 (Oreo), so not the same as GH. https://twitter.com/henrylim96/status/1080755480765509634/photo/1

Michelle, did you get LastPass running on your Smart Display somehow?

There's a "proper" way to cast an app to Google Home, but we weren't able to figure it out, yet...

Yes, I can cast the site to both smart displays. The GH screen does not allow input, only selection of links, plus the virtual keyboard icon isn’t visible on the GH screen, I assume due to the different browsers they are running. The Lenovo allows me to type on the virtual keyboard in the password field but without a virtual keyboard in the email field, I’m stuck.

Searching the web for a work-around and ideas to display my actiontiles on the home hub, I came across homeassisstant.io and found they use a trusted network config allowing the bypass of the authentication login page. Is this something that can be implemented with actiontiles?


Hi Michelle,

We came across the HA implementation. We tried to outsource with work, but the contractor was not able to figure this out.

I wish there was a way for me to pass the authentication to actiontiles on the smart device and eliminate the clunky set up I have with a fire tablet and a GH mini.

A virtual keyboard in both user/password fields would allow access with the Lenovo smart display

Is there any way to pass login info through webcore in a post method?