presence sensor shows ? - how to change initial value?

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Hello all,

I have set up two presence sensors (iphones via the classic app). They are showing as ? on the tile. So, I hit the forum and saw the advice that it is because the Device Type Handler doesn't have a value set for "attribute switch". Makes sense. I fired up the IDE and sure enough...

Current StatesNo states found

I can't see where to edit the device to add states to this Device Type Handler, and my Googling is failing me. Can anyone help? Thanks.


iOS Fire


I think the problem is due to your presence device not being "primed". If you just added the sensor, you may need to leave and re-enter your geofence area in order for the sensor to get the actual value.

The forum advice you are referring to seems misleading to me. ActionTiles works with most stock devices without the needing to change any attributes. Which forum thread are you referring to?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response. Here is the forum thread:


I have tried leaving and reentering the geofenced area with two different phones, and still nothing :( 

FWIW, I have just set up life360 though so this is not such an important issue for me now.

Also, I just wanted to thank you for ActionTiles. I am a long time user just getting back into it. I still need to get my IP cameras working, but I'll get there. And everything else is working really well.




Hi John,

You referenced a very old thread, that is probably irrelevant now.

It appears to me that your presence sensor is not working properly, meaning it does not detect and report presence status. There could be a number of factors for this problem, but it's really within the SmartThings court to resolve this. SmartThings Mobile app assumes that if presence state is not defined that means "present" value. But we don't think it's a correct assumption.

Your Life360 sensors should be available to ActionTiles. I hope they are working better for you than the native presence detection. Unfortunately, it has never been very reliable.

Thank you for enjoying ActionTiles. Please let me know if you have any questions.



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