Please update Google Chrome...

Nick Marques 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by KamHouse 4 years ago 6

Hi all,

I just did a clean install (rooted!) of a Fire 7 (austin) tablet that I've been running for a couple years now. I installed Fully Kiosk Browser and when I go to the Action Tiles panel, I am getting a "Please update Google Chrome..." message. Is this message coming from AT or from FKB? Any fix?

Android Fire

This message comes from Fully. Please refer to their support to resolve this issue.

Will do, though I thought I'd check here since it's a popular choice for AT. 

Action Tiles has a custom branded version of the Fully Kiosk browser don't they? Is that also available on the Amazon store and is the problem present there?

Nick refers to custom OS that was installed on this tablet. There's a handful of customers that are using such setups, but I don't know the details about such installations.

Stock Fire OS usually works great.

Well, I am running Lineage OS 14.1 on it, but Chrome isn't even installed. I was asking about FKB. Does it have dependancies?

I had Fire OS on it for a couple years and was getting that message before I flashed it. FireOS had to go because every time Amazon pushed an update, things broke. I was also repeatedly getting loading messages and a blank screen for my AT panel. 

Since Fully Kiosk appears to only be about 4MB, it probably uses Webview, or some built in rendering engine in Android. Maybe Lineage has an outdated version of that backend framework.

Just doing a quick Google, Lineage OS 14.1 looks like it was based on Android 7.1 which was released around August 2016. If Lineage uses that without updating Webview, you might be looking at an equivalent to the Chrome v53 rendering engine from 4 years ago. Totally speculating on that.