Is there a way for the Presence detector to update via wireless name connection

David Lucas 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated 4 years ago 2

As per the title really,

Is there a way for smarthings to update my location / presence by when my phone connects to my home wireless network rather than geo location.

Just that the geo fencing's smallest radius will pick up when I leave home then when I drive up past it it thinks im back home then i'm away again till I drive behind house on dual carriage way and it thinks im back home then away again.

Be much better if when I arrive home and phone connects to wifi that it then alerts i'm home.


That's a tricky and broad question David!

SmartThings location detection has always been challenging.

SmartThings own Community forum might be the best resource to search for solutions:


thanks Alex, will post it on their.

Keep safe