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Problems viewing video URLs on Android phone

BamBam 4 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 5

I am having a problem that I don't know how to solve.  I have two cameras, a WyzeCam and an Amcrest.  The RTSP feed from both cameras are being fed into TinyCam.  From there I am viewing them in the ActionTiles media tiles.  It all works well as long as I am using an IOS device, iPhone or iPad.  What I can not do is view them in ActionTiles on my Android (Samsung S8) phone.  All I see is the grey box with the little green icon in the upper left corner.  From the reading that I have done, the problem is usually the browser, being that it doesn't support what ever stream is giving the problem.  I started with the Samsung browser.  If I copy the failed URL from ActionTiles on the S8 into the Samsung browser address line, it works fine, I can see the video with no problems.  Next I downloaded Microsoft Edge and got the same result.  The URL works fine from the browser address line but all I get from ActionTiles is a grey box with the same URL.  And, yes, it is the same URL.  I use copy/paste and not just re-typing.  Also, in Actiontiles on the S8, the URL never shows as a valid URL in the media tile settings.  I would appreciate any help you have to offer.  Thanks

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Does your camera URL have embedded credentials? Does your URL look like this user:password@address ?

Yes. Same format



I think the issue is due to embedded credentials not allowed in Chrome browser anymore. Please refer to this article for explanation and possible solutions:


Thanks but I think you misunderstood what I wrote. 

1. I don't use the Chrome browser.  As I stated, I only use the Samsung browser packaged with the Samsung phone and Microsoft Edge.  

2.  I don't have a problem with either the Samsung browser or Microsoft Edge.  They both work fine by loading the URL to the video links in the address line.  It is only when I try to use ActionTiles on these browsers that I have a problem.  The same URLs fail only within ActionTiles.

I am curious if other uses are able to successfully load video URLs on Android phones, specifically with Samsung phones using ActionTiles.


Samsung browser is using the Chrome engine under the covers, so any limitations of Chrome also apply to any browser user Android OS. The exception might be Firefox browser if they are using their own engine.

When you enter the video URL directly into the address bar, the image is displayed in a different mode, so it's not subject to the restriction.

The only way to display the video feed is to disable authentication requirement or switch to mode that takes them as URL parameters.

If you are using the ActionTiles app, the video URL remains hidden, if that's a concern to you.