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I have several tablets mounted to my walls, each displaying a slideshow using ActionTiles. If you are in a similar situation, you looked for a method to return a random image from a specified folder in response to an http request. ActionPixx (http://jayhobo.com/actionpixx) does a good job with this (and a lot of other stuff too!), but it repeats images. I was looking for a solution that guaranteed each image would be displayed at least once before any repeats.

ByteCave Image Server (BIS) is a FREE open-source mini webserver that sends a random image to your browser when a client sends any GET request. You provide a recursively processed folder containing the images to display. Those images are then shuffled and never repeated–on a per client connection basis–until all images have been displayed once. The process then repeats itself for subsequent image requests.

You can specify different folders for each IP address connected through easy UI controls. Thumbnails show you which images are being served. The program can auto-launch on login, minimize to tray, and will remember your settings and numbers of images displayed each time you start.

BIS is a small (~600K) standalone, multi-threaded executable: no installation is required and it doesn't depend on any other system files or DLLs. It supports Windows XP and later, and can also be compiled as-is to run on Linux too. You can view the source code, or just compile it yourself!

PureBasic source code and binaries for both version 1 and version 2 are on GitHub. You can find download and GitHub links on my webpage: http://www.bytecave.net/software.

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Would it be possible to run this on raspberry pi?

Sorry, the native compiler for the language I am using, PureBasic, has no ARM support.