custom image for url media, and all tiles

Preston Gray 4 years ago in Configuration & Settings 0

Hello, I would like to create my own custom image for each tile that I have on my panel.  For example, in my current setup, as seen in my image, I have a master panel consisting of multiple other panels which are the rooms in my house.  I would like to put an image of the corresponding room on the tile displaying the panel for that room.  EX: An image of my living room for my living room panel, an image of my dining room for my dining room panel, etc.  Same thing goes for the URL tiles on the bottom of my image.  I would like to place the Icons or Logos of the brands app that the URL tile opens.  Is there a way to do this or can this be done in the near future?

I am aware that you can go into themes and create a custom theme with a custom image but the issue with that is it changes all of my tiles to the same image.  Can that feature just be included in the setting of each tile with a link to a URL?

Thank you for the help

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