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Blue Iris Video Stream with Audio

Geoffrey Dwyer 4 years ago in Media Tiles updated by KamHouse 4 years ago 2

I am looking to have some of my Wyze cameras act as a baby monitor in ActionTiles and when selected (fullscreen), hear audio from the camera. I have RTSP enabled on the Wyze camera and Blue Iris is using the following URL:


In ActionTiles I have the following Media URL


Everything works well except I cannot hear audio from the camera.

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RTSP video format is not compatible with ActionTiles.

While MJPG streams are compatible, they can't transmit sound.

At the moment, video cannot be transmitted to ActionTiles with sound.

Technologically, would it be possible to play an RTSP stream through the WebRTC system.

Or, alternatively could an RTSP stream player be built in WebAssembly?

In theory.