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embedding panel into iframe - shortcut issue

Bryan Mack 4 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Chad B 2 years ago 2

I am developing a panel for my rec room. I use a few different actiontiles panels within iframes of a website I host on my own domain. Everything works swimmingly except for shortcuts to apps on the tablet. These shortcuts (in the screenshot, my shortcuts are "Darts", "Sonos", and "Roku", which open their respective apps on the fire 10 tablet) work just fine when I view the panel directly via actiontiles app or URL -- but once I embed the panel to an iFrame, those 3 shortcuts simply do nothing any more. All of the other buttons retain their functionality. Any ideas on how to get the shortcuts working?  I'm using Android Fire 10 tablet and Fully browser.

Image 4603

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Bryan, this is a very interesting use case. I suspect that this is a limitation that the OS is imposing. I don't have any idea how to work around this...


I figured it out, it was a FUlly Kiosk setting. I had to enable the "Open URL Schemes in Other Apps" setting, all is well.