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Nexxhome Garage controlller

Mike Geldert 3 weeks ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Jomama 3 days ago 2

I received this garage controller for xmas and have set it up according to directions.  It's listed as "works with smartthings", and I've set it up in smartthings and it works great.  (shows current open/close status and will open or close the door by pressing the icon/button).

When I go to authorize this device in Actiontiles, it isn't showing up as a device. 

Researching Answers

Hi Mike,

There is a few recent integrations that are not immediately compatible with ActionTiles. I'm working to diagnose and resolve this issue.

same for me.

this device is setup thru the new smartthings app and works with that. Couldn't set it up with smarthings classic app.

After setup with new app, In the classic smartthings app device shows as "tiles missing", with no open/close button or functionality other than showing open/close history.

In the IDE, device shows as a type "placeholder" and status inactive.

appreciate any insight