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Additional Intent/Style for Panel Shortcuts (and perhaps others)

JeremyGNJ 5 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated 5 years ago 2

New user here  I just bought a license and was impressed with the Theme options... little did i know they were mostly brand new!

I have one request for theme options: 
 A 5th tile "style type" of "link to panel".  Reason is that I want "sub menus" to stand out visually to show that they are "clickable".   A clickable tile shouldn't look the same as an "info" tile.

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Good idea, Jeremy...

Currently, any of the 4 Intents of a Theme can be applied individually to Panel Shortcut Tiles as well as URL Shortcut Tiles. The default is the "Info" Intention as you observed.

While we could consider enhancing the Theme Builder to add 5th (and even 6th, ... and more) Intents or Styles that could be applied to certain Tile Types or any Tile Type and State... there's a high probability that there could never be enough Intends/Styles to satisfy the level of customization desired by some Customers.

There's a clear desire for us to permit every Tile to be uniquely customized on-the-fly in Panel Builder.

The use of Intents/Styles is more organized and efficient: e.g., If you define an Intent for clickable Panel Shortcuts, you can apply it consistently and can update all such Tiles at once using the Theme Builder.

The ideal approach is either a hybrid or compromise - so we're going to mull this over a while longer.




I do agree people will always want more.   I just think this one is important than most because it's navigational...basic intuitive UI is to make navigational items stand out.

Hopefully others feel the same.