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Change all Icons of the same Type at once?

Batman 5 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by ShaggySS 3 years ago 5

Is there a way to mass change icons? I want to change the on and off icons for all my switches, but it's getting tedious to do them all manually. Am I missing an easier way? In themes maybe? I'm not seeing it.

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Hey Batman,

No - We don't have any bulk edit functions at this time (except for what is defined at the Theme level and Panel level.

Making all Tiles of a certain Device Type have the same custom characteristics (icon, effect, colors) is reflected in the hard-coded Elements Theme - but that Theme cannot be edited.

There are various efficient ways to cascade style options and link them to attributes or states of the Tiles: We use the Tile Intentions as the primary way to define characteristics in bulk. But grouping settings by Tile Type might also make sense. We are keeping these variations in mind as we enhancing styling options.

But note: We believe that Customers are likely to not want the same icon for every Switch (for example). Customers use a different icon for a lamp, sconce, chandelier, outlets, virtual switches, etc.. So a bulk assignment by Device Type alone is likely to be of somewhat limited value. And expanding some sort of "search & replace" type functionality would get pretty complicated.


Not sure whether to add my comment here, or whether I should open a new suggestion, anyway....


I have multiple panels set up since I adjust the layout to suit the device on which it will be displayed, Fire tablet vs iPad vs phone etc.

Many devices are common to all the layouts and occasionally I want to change the icon if something like a smart plug is re-purposed. For example I may use the plug for a reading lamp most of the time but at Christmas I may use the plug instead to turn on Christmas tree lights. It is tedious to have to change the icon for each panel individually, and it would be great if I could change it once on a global basis.

Thank you.

Steve, there are no bulk edit option as this time. There is a number of reasons for the current design, in particular consistency and predictability. I understand that in certain situations it's not ideal or efficient to change several instances of the same tile. However, this pattern is easy to follow and understand.

We will consider this feedback for future enhancements.


Even a Copy & Paste formatting function in the UI for Tiles would be helpful. Ditto for Panels. Ideally, create a library of customized tile and and panel templates that can be applied to multiple targets with a minimum of mouse clicks through the UI.

I know this is a little late but it may help others.  When I was creating my new dashboards I created a master dashboard with all my lights, doors, windows, etc.  I set the icons on them all and then I copied the tilesets to my new dashboard.  Then all I had to do was drag them into place and delete the "template" tilesets with any leftovers I didn't use afterwards.