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"No Icon" as a Tile Icon option

Tom Guelker 5 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Don McKee 4 years ago 7

I would like to have no icon at all for several things. Only when they are triggered should the icon become visible.

I searched the library using zero and blank and null and none and no icon but found nothing.

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Hi Tom,

This request sounds wacky, lol, but I posted it here as a Feature Request anyway. (At the moment, we are not adding icons "one-by-one" upon request, and, essentially, this is a one-off request for a "blank" icon.)

Could you explain your use case(s) is more detail, please?


I don’t think it’s wacky. I have a virtual switch that turns on when SHM alarms. It turns the tile red and the LED(?) icon ‘lights up’. When SHM is not alarmed, I would prefer no icon. 


When I walk by the panel, if everything is as it should be, the panel should be blank.  Only when a state changes to on do I want to know about it. 

And thanks, Kevin1 for being a fellow wacko :)

Hi Tom,

If you want ALL "normal" or "info" State Tiles to appear Blank, then an available workaround for now is to create a custom Theme which uses low contrast or no-contrast colors for those Intentions. In other words, make the icon color the same as the Tile color.

Please give it a try.

Will do. Thanks for the suggestion.

I'll necro this, "No Icon" is still not a thing? Using the same background color is not a viable option for me atm.

I was looking for a "blank" icon to use as a work-around for the fact that that a "blank tile" is really a "blank, transparent, tile". I didn't like the look of the background showing through empty slots, so thought I'd create a "no-op" tile (panel shortcut tile pointing to the same page) to fill the space.

I ended up using the least offensive icon that I could find -- tolerable, but not what I wanted.


P.s. the "proper" fix for my use-case is probably to be able to control the transparency/intent of the "blank" tile. 😉