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Non-FireOS Tablet with wake on motion, and doesn't drain battery

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I have just bought an Amazon Fire tablet set it up and found that you need to complete a variety of work-arounds to get it to work with Action Tiles, leaving it on all the time / plugged in etc

I am starting fresh and don't mind paying a few quid extra for a tool / tablet that does the job perfectly.

  • I want the tablet to be on a cradle, plugged in most of the time (on a table) but able to survive unplugged too.
  • I want the tablet to wake on motion (and on press)
  • I want to use a kiosk (fully) with Action tiles

What is the best / cheapest option ... ?

Crucially I want it to be 'easy' rather than a hack.

Having to download silk to download playstore and then have to do a workaround on a Fire to get Kiosk sounds worth spending the extra money to get a tablet that does not require this !

I would rather spend another 100 GBP for it to 'just happen' rather than have to spend hours on a a hack (that will frustrate me).

I am not price sensitive on this as the difference between an expensive and a cheap tablet is only about 100-200 GBP (I am based in the UK). I am not actually want the cheapest but the best for the simple use of using Action Tiles.

So, I don't want a cheap tablet but at the same time neither want to spend £1000 on a top iPhone. I think about 100 GBP is fine.

Crucially I want to have a working Android tablet that runs Action Tiles / Fully Kiosk, can run the motion sensor and work either plugged in or not.

A current and common tablet / phablet would be great and then things like wall fixings will be common too.

What would you suggest?

Thanks in advance


The selection of Tablets in the market dried up a few years ago, because everyone switched to "phablets" (big screen phones) or "convertibles" (tablets that were so big and powerful they could be used as laptops).

That means you're left with very few options.

I tagged this post "Android" because Fully Kiosk is not available for iOS, though iPads are among favorite tablets for running ActionTiles and there are a couple of "Kiosk" Apps available for iOS.

After Amazon Fire and Apple, the next most popular brand used for ActionTiles are Samsung.

But please reference the link or links below:


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    We avoid making specific Tablet recommendations because unless we use them ourselves every day, we can't know which are "good" or not.

    We can only tell you which brands are popular:

    • Amazon Fire
    • iPad
    • Samsung (esp Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" in the 10" category).

    Walmart has a new tablet which looks like good specs and price, but I haven't tried one personally:

    The 8" has the same resolution at the Fire HD8, a quadcore processor, 2GB ram, 16GB storage. And running Android 9! All for $64.