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Options for powering a wall mounted Tablet?

Lisa 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated 5 years ago 2

I currently looking for options to power my wall mounted tablet.  (I really DONT want a 120V outlet above my keypad even if its hidden).

Option 1: I currently have a working Vista 20P alarm system with 2 keypads (Amdenco 6139).The keypad is powered from the alarm system (vista 20P).  I want to install my tablet direct above my keypad.  I was wondering If I could wire a 12v to 5v adapter direct to the working keypad.  Please note, Im keeping the keypad working.  Im still trying to find what the MAX output amps on this is. I have the supplemental Power attached but IDK if that applies to the keypads or not. I was hoping since this was a popular panel someone might know. 

Option 2: I do have a single pole light switch near by and was thinking of an inline 120V to 5v-usb and from the just need a small wire up to the tablet. Anyone have suggest on this way? (or links to these?)  I found one.  I would like to "hide" the converter(step down transformer) in the gangbox with the switch.


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Hi Lisa,

One of the Tablet frame makers that we partner with has 12v to 5v converters and other related wiring and such.

Contact Mike via his Etsy page and I'm sure he'll have some great ideas.



I love his frames!!  I did contact him directly already and discuss this with him.  He got back to me very quickly!  Im def buying my frame from him, just dont know what option.

 Since im keeping my existing keypad, IDK if there is enough output amps to share between the keypad and the tablet..  I was hoping since I have a very popular panel that others might have encountered this already and use his direct power option WITH a working keypad.  (both must be working at the same time).  That was my option #1.

Option 2 would be just Mike frame with a direct 120V to step down in gangbox.