Help with Fully, AT, Fire HD10, DakBoard?

Jamie Pryer 5 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 3

Hey all,

firstly, LOVE the software - spent hours getting everything setup, which im really happy with!

current setup includes a new FireHD 10" + Dock, Fully, ActionTiles - plus some other cool things like Ring, Rotation Control, Automateit etc...

My question:

I've setup fully to show my DakBoard home screen, with a button over to my AT.

I thought I had disabled all locks on my FireHD, however it somehow keeps locking, which is a real pain.

Any pointers, or can this not be stopped?

What i want is for Dakboard to always display but screen should sleep after 30 min (Black/dim) and then wake on touch/motion. Currently it just keeps locking and i have to swipe up to unlock (not a pain but just curious if i can stop this!)


Hi Jamie,

You cannot completely disable the "lock screen" on a Fire tablet. It is impossible. You can only make sure it never goes to sleep (by using "Never sleep when powered" Developer Menu option).

Some customers have an ideal experience though: But there are a lot of configuration options and easy to toggle the wrong one.

There is a current conversation about this in a sub-comment-thread in the SmartThings Users Group. Maybe if the details are confirmed there, we can copy the conclusions to here.





Sounds like good news! 

Can you share the link again please

That one didn’t take me to a thread about this