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Ability to duplicate tiles within a tileset?

Max R 5 years ago in Configuration & Settings updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 1

Perhaps it's how I work when designing my panels, yet I would love to see the ability to copy/clone/dupliucate individual tiles within tilesets. I know I can copy entire tilesets from one panel to another, however I find it useful to build my indivudual panels as tables as that way I can drag the different tiles around between the tilesets, copying them out to their individual panels once I'm happy with them. As two or more panels quite often may share some tiles, a clone/duplicate tile feature would come in real handy.

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There may be more sophisticated (and ultimately more efficient ways) to handle your use case, Max, so please don't hesitate to elaborate on your workflow and idea further.

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