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Indicator that Tile has been tapped

Israel Derdik 5 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated 5 years ago 2

When I tap a tile on a Panel, it sometimes takes a second or to for the light/switch to turn on and show the confirmation. This leads me (and other family members) to think the tap didn't register and then re-tap, sometimes resulting in turning the switch off again! It would be great to have some immediate feedback of a tap in the form of a "mouse down"-type event (when your finger touches the tile) during which the tile lights up momentarily until the mouse-up even occurs (i.e. you remove your finger from the screen). This way, we'd have a visual indicator that our tap was successful.

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I changed this from a "Usability Issue" to just a "Feature Request", because we do not yet agree it is a significant impediment to usability.

ActionTiles typically changes the Tile state within 500ms, which should be a fast enough indication of the user action.

If folks are experiencing frequently slower reaction time and/or otherwise feel that a faster indication is valuable, then hopefully Votes on this Topic, will, ummm... indicate that this is worth implementation consideration.

Thank-you for the request,


Fair enough. I'm using a Fire HD 7 so it might be a bit slower than most people's experience.