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Lock into Panel or PIN Protect Panels?

marksmart 5 years ago in Security updated 5 years ago 1

Is there a way to lock (pin/password) the Panel. ie so that people can not go into the settings? or has to type a pin when pressing the 3 dots in the circle?

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Hi Mark,

We have an existing open Feature Request to PIN Protect Panel Shortcuts and/or Panels. We are likely to implement it.

The Floating Options Button (...) is not planned for PIN Protection; but we might consider this - it has been requested a couple of times.

Current Recommendation

Currently, the solution is to can completely disable the Options Button for any particular Panel by using the upper right menu in Panel Builder - Panel Settings - "Panel Options Button SHOWN" - on/off (the default is on).

  • If you use this on a Shared Panel, the Panel Buddy will not be able to access the Panel Options, and can't access anything other than the Panel you shared.
  • If you use this in a Panel in your regular account, you can visit the base URL of ActionTiles App (https://app.ActionTiles.com) to get to other ActionTiles Panels and options.