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MTG News feed should handle Unicode (Hebrew, etc.) fonts

Zvika 5 years ago in Media Tiles updated 5 years ago 2


Testing action tiles and very pleased so far .

I'm trying to add new feed in hebrew

this is the xml feed 


I encoded it as describes and constructed this url 


You can see the results .

Any Ideas ? 

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Hi Zvika,

The Media Tile Generator (MTG) is not a core feature of ActionTiles, so we haven't put a lot of effort into maintaining it.

We're always glad that Customers find it useful and if we find a major problem we want to look into it.

The MTG rendering code simply doesn't account for the handling of Unicode characters - it was never intended to.

Since only a very small fraction of ActionTiles's customers use languages that depend on Unicode characters, we can only make this a feature request and add it to our lists for possible future enhancement.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention,


Ok . Thanks 

Still investigating the app  :-)