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All Caps option for Tile Status

Rob Halley 5 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated 5 years ago 2

Is it possible to Capitalized the status font for a tile? If it isn't currently available, I would like to add it to the list for future ideas if enough people agree.


Lights currently display on/off, I would like them to display On/Off or ON/OFF

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Hi Rob,

I hate to take a simple idea and make it into a "big deal", but sometimes something like this is more likely to be a part of a larger feature like offering custom font choice(s) across the board. That might be too ambitious for us if we leave it wide open, but, a compromise might be to offer certain "high-visibility" fonts which are essentially as clear as all Caps.

May I ask why All Caps is particularly important to you for Tile Status? (TBH: We actually considered removing the Tile Status wording entirely, since the icon should be sufficient in most cases...).


The Capitalization would be purely for appearance preference. I hope you don’t remove the status font all together. I love being able to see the dimmer percentages and the status of garage doors.