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Smappee Power Meter

miguel 5 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 1

Hi all!

Is it possible to add a tile to show actual values from the Smappee monitor? I can’t find a way to add the monitor to ActionTiles inside the SmartThings app.


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The Smappee DTH (Device Type Handler) fails to conform to SmartThings own standards. It fails to claim Capability "Sensor" (ie, it senses electricity flow). This is trivial to add - if you find a copy of the DTH code. I can't find it in the public SmartThings GitHub Repository (but a lot of code is not published there).

ActionTiles is a little flexible on the requirement, but every DTH must claim at least one of five specific Capabilities or it cannot be found:  Some Devices are missing from the Authorize Things (Add Location) screen?

Some vendors opt to publish their source code in the SmartThings Community Public GitHub and others do not.

Smappee's DTH should not have been approved by SmartThings with the missing Capability "Sensor" claim, but SmartThings approval is not stringent.

At this time, your only options to get this data into SmartThings are:

  1. Convince Smappee and/or SmartThings to correct the DTH or send you the source code so you can create your own copy.
  2. or Create / spawn a Virtual Power Sensor and use a SmartApp or WebCoRE to keep it updated with the latest data from the Smappee.

Neither option is in our scope.

For #1, Smappee and/SmartThings is welcome to contact us (refer to your Ticket Number) with any questions.