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JeremyFXDWG 5 years ago in Things & Capabilities updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 3

Is there an option for a generic thermostat tile? The tile is so robust, displaying the mode and allowing the mode to be changed,I have no need for specific heating and cooling tiles. I would like just a single 1x2 tile that has setpoint controls and is not heat or cooling specific. 

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Hi Jeremy,

SmartThings does not offer a "Generic Setpoint" capability. The setpoint must be cooling or heating specific.

Which device are you trying to control?

I have the Honeywell WiFis.

I was hoping the mode would dictate the type if set point and then the temp could be adjusted as needed. 


SmartThings Thermostat Model works in a particular way. A thermostat must implement some standard capabilities in order to be cross compatible with 3rd party apps.

I don't believe there is currently any way to make a generic thermostat tile...

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