Ability to set transparency opacity in Theme Colors

Justin Cox 6 years ago in Colors Icons Fonts Themes updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 4

Would be nice to be able to control the opacity or transparency of theme colors. For example the "Normal Tile Intention" color clearly has some additional transparency that isn't on other "intention" states. This makes it difficult to achieve the design I'm going for. You could remove that opacity style all-together or even better, add an opacity control to all color pickers.

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Hi Justin, ... Good observation.

Having that "hidden" special treatment of the Normal intention may be worth reconsideration, though there may be other ways we could implement the flexibility you are requesting. It's certainly worth Votes and Discussion.

For the Color specifications of other Elements, keep in mind that some browsers (not all) will accept an Alpha Value in the Color Hex String format, as mentioned in the Themes Help Cue Card:



Thanks for the speedy reply, @terry. The first thing I actually tried was passing in an RGBA value to the "Content Color" of "Normal" tile intention content but it looks like the CSS is targeting something different for that opacity style (md-content at-tile[at-tile-intent=normal] at-tile-body).

Simplistically speaking, what I'm really trying to do is highlight actionable tiles from info tiles. e.g. the "clock" vs. a "routine". I would like the tiles that could be tapped to have some sort of visual queue that's different from an info tile but from given the current opacity styling, that effort is somewhat mitigated. Check out the attached image and you can see what I'm saying. If that dull blue color "popped" like it did for the accent color, then I think my problem would be solved.

I would like to mention that the problem is further exacerbated by not having "Tile Appearance" setting for all tiles, like the clock or (in my example) "Front Door" battery.

s.sorry for the low-quality image...it's a loaner iPad ;)


Hi Justin,

Release 6.10 addressed most of your concerns. Tiles with states now have more settings, such as option to remove the default fade effect, or add glow and animations. Please refer to the release notes below.




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