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Is there a URL for a specific Tile action?

Alex 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated 6 years ago 4

Hi folks - I use Launcher to automate / launch different apps and thing on my iOS devices, I was wondering if there's a way to "click" a momentary contact switch that lives on one of my panels.

For example, my garage door opener button.  Right now, I'd unlock the phone, click my ActionTiles panel icon (which opens Safari in full screen) and click the button to open the door.

What I'd like to be able to do, is using Launcher, from a Notification Center widget, click the button on the widget that would in turn click the button on the tile.

Ignoring the obvious security implications, I really just wanted to see if it would work, or if there's a better solution.

Thoughts?  Thanks for a killer app and product!

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Hi Alex,

ActionTiles isn't designed for this purpose: We'd rather not be the "middle-man" for this type of action unless we can implement the proper security requirements.

You can make it a Feature Request. We are thinking about ways we can extend our platform with both incoming and outgoing APIs; but to be transparent, we have to focus on broad-spectrum "average consumer" features ahead of special ones like this.



Totally understood.  I was able to put the panel URL on the Launcher, however when I click it, the phone unlocks and then I'm prompted to login, instead of the Safari full screen behavior that's already authenticated.

Otherwise, the only other thing I'd want to investigate might be Siri Shortcuts / Workflow to be able to interface to the ActionTiles panels.

Like I said, keep up the great work folks!

If you login, visit the Panel, then "Add to Home Screen" from within Safari, it should remain logged in. The secure session cookie for web-apps should be valid from the Launcher.


Agreed, not sure why it's not staying persistent when Launched by Launcher.  I have an email into them to see what's up.