Estimated Time Of Arrival

Orange Bucket 6 years ago in Things & Capabilities / Non-SmartThings APIs updated 6 years ago 1

I'd like to request that the "Estimated Time Of Arrival" capability be supported.

The capability has a single 'eta' attribute which is an ISO 8601 date so any implementation might like to allow a date format string to be specified.

The ETA has a wide variety of potential uses. There could ETAs for people. There could be ETAs of buses at stops, trains at stations, and planes at airports. There could be broader interpretations such as next appointments or medication times. 

Basically it can be used for anything that needs a date and time and it is an 'official' capability.

I won't add it as another thread, but an even more useful capability that is defined in the Capabilities Reference for the Classic app (as opposed to this reference, which is for the new app and architecture) is 'Speech Recognition'. That essentially gives you a 1,000 character string. So that's a good way in to a generic text tile using a capability that doesn't carry the baggage of any other attributes or commands. Both 'Estimated Time Of Arrival' and 'Speech Recognition' are official capabilities that are working now, albeit classed as 'proposed'. However that seems as legitimate as using 'deprecated' ones.