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Microsoft Surface Tablet

myoung84 5 days ago in Browsers Tablets Phones • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 days ago 1

Is anyone using a surface tablet for actiontiles? I have an old surface pro gen 2 that I could use. May replace an old photo frame on an end table. Very happy with my wall mounted fire 7 playing photos as a Screensaver. 

Last time I used it was when windows 10 launched and it didn't take kindly to the update (been a long time). I'd need to reinstall win10 from scratch, but wanted to know if a windows platform is a good idea before I go through the trouble? 

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Yes - Windows should be fine, especially if you can run Chrome - though the good thing about Windows is that you can test a bunch of browsers to see which perform best; each has some unique quirks. Chrome blocks embedding of non-https Media Tiles, for example, but I think Firefox still permits them.

And there is plenty of "kiosk" software for Windows too - since even places like the DMV or movie theater ticket pickups, etc., are run on kiosk locked-down Windows.

Avoid installing too much "crap" that you don't need. That risks security, slows down security updates, and so on. And, maybe, just maybe, you might even switch to Linux - I bet there's a distro that runs on the Surface.