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First, if this type of post isn't permitted please remove it, thank you.

I’m working on a simple application (it's free) that works like a web server for photos for ActionTiles. Basically you copy this application into a directory and point an ActionTiles Media Tile to the applications IP address.  The Application will serve up either a specific requested photo, or if you specify random.jpg it will serve a random photo from the directory.

You can also (optionally) specify different directories for different tablets etc.  So you could have vacation photos served to the kitchen tablet, while your spouse gets photos of the kids and the garage tablet shows hunting and car photos all while the ActionTiles media tile points to a single local Web URL.

Photos can be: jpg, jpeg, gif and png.

Example directory layout:

The Application Interface:

If anyone has an interest in this local photo server and wants to help in beta testing this please let me know.

I’m working on this in my spare time so response from me could be slow at times as I work full time.

What this program doesn’t do:  

Slideshow the photos in sequence (they are randomly presented).

Access directories outside of its own directory.

Charge for it's use (It's beggar ware)

Have an Apple version.

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Hey Jay, are you still working on this? my wall tablets are IPADs (second gen mini) I might be interested if still available.. 


Yea if you want to give it a shot you can download it here: http://jayhobo.com/actionpixx/

It does need a Windows machine to run on.

The photo slide show works great.  The drive times are at the mercy of Google (they seem to change things often), and the Pinging of devices is still experimental.



Thank you so much i will download it.. I have a spare PC i can use.

But i can see the pictures on ipads right? it broadcasts from windows machine thats all..


Sorry for the late response.  Yes, the PC is the "web server" of sorts for the photos and the traffic cop for directing the proper pictures to the proper devices.  The pictures should be view-able on any device that can view photos from a web page. iPad, Android, iPhone, PC, Mac, etc.

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Nice work, functions perfectly. 

It's great as a media tile that can be expanded for a nearly full screen slide show before Fully dims the screen.

One issue I'm having is rotation for portrait vs landscape on photos, some appear upside down or sideways.  However, this occurs only on a small subset of photos, not a big deal. 

Thank you!


Excellent, thank you. I'm glad it's working for you.  I didn't test with photos that weren't properly rotated, I usually get them all properly oriented in Photoshop then copy them to the photo directories.

Thanks again for the feedback.



When the tool starts it defaults to the IPv6 address, which actiontiles doesn't seem like.  How would I go about having it default to IPv4?


If you aren't using IPV6 on that machine go into the Control panel, then Network and Internet.  Then to Network and Sharing Center. In the left pane select "Change adapter settings" 

Right click the network adapter and select "properties".  Scroll down to "Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP / IPv6) and uncheck that box. and OK out of those windows.

If you do need IPV6 on that machine, let me know and I'll see if I can come up with some sort of solution.

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The culprit was a virtual NIC from VBox. Your suggestion lead me to the solution, thank you. 

Hi Jay,

I've regularly started receiving this .net error message which kills the app.  Any idea why or how to resolve it?

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this is sweet! I put it on my panel in my basement bar today, it has "beer pictures" in it of pictures of me drinking beer in cool places. One question - the app doesn't seem to change the picture, it stays the same until the actiontiles panel is refreshed. I was thinking it would rotate every X minutes/seconds, is that a feature? <EDIT: Nevermind, I set the refresh rate in the media tile and that is working properly, it now rotates every 30 seconds)