Blackberry playbook stop presenting the actiontiles app

Juval 6 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 4 years ago 2

A month ago, my 2 Blackberry playbook tablets stop presenting (having access) to the actiontiles app. At the beginning I thought that the problem is related to the old units (wifi issue), but only today when I had the time to look at it, I have found that the WiFi is OK and I can browse other sites, including www.actiontiles.com.

I have checked it on a few browsers - but w/o any success.

1. Was there any security update (around a month + ago), that preventing from the Blackberry playbook tablet to connect to the app ? (Knowing that this tablet is working on an old OS - I think it is equal to Android 2.5) .

2. Is their anyway I can still use them with your app ? any recommendations ?



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Hi Juval,

Yes; Release v6.8.1 (or maybe even 6.8.0), contain a few tweaks towards making ActionTiles "PWA" compliant.

PWA = Progressive Web App. It's a set of standards for Android and iOS, etc. that are applicable to us ... since, well, we're a "web app" 😃.

I don't know the exact changes or range of PWA configuration adjustments that can be made. It may be that if we are compliant then old browser(s), like on your Blackberry Playbook just can't handle the modern PWA feature(s).

  1. Can you load any different browsers on it? Opera, Firefox, etc., etc., etc.? Some of these are compatible with older Androids, but still bring along more modern compatibility.
  2. There must be some Playbook user support groups out there (Google to find them?), who might have folks that have a clue and, some might even be experts that can actually debug ActionTiles as it is trying to load.



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