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Run PIN Protected Routine Tiles without extra tap

Daniel Rosenberg 2 weeks ago in Security • updated 2 weeks ago 2

PIN Protected Tiles are useful, and sometimes bring up multiple options like (Alarm > Armed (away), Armed (home), Disarmed). But when PIN protecting a Routine tile, like "I'm Back!" we get a banner for "PIN accepted" on top and another on the bottom that says "I'm Back! with a "RUN ROUTINE" icon. 

We've already told ActionTiles once we want to run the routine (by pressing on the tile), and then had 4 more touches for the PIN.

Would you consider an option (or default behavior) to simply run the routine at this point, rather than require a 6th touch by pressing "RUN ROUTINE"? (Which, doesn't actually look like a button, because it's not a highlighted mode, perhaps thanks to Material Design?)

I'm worried this will be a non-obvious last step to turn off our alarm for PIN users entering the house, since we've already gotten a message that the PIN was accepted and we can dismiss the dialog (with the X) without actually turning off the alarm.

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Hi Daniel,

In your last paragraph you mention "turn off alarm"... But isn't that done with an SHM Tile? Or do you use a Routine Tile for disarming?

One reason we have for requiring the extra tap (in the general case) is that the Switch, Lock, etc., may have changed state between tapping the Tile and finishing entering the PIN. I guess the odds of this aren't particularly high, actually. ... And this doesn't directly apply to Routine execution either...

Certainly worth discussion & voting. Thanks for posting this Topic.


I suppose I'm trying to have our babysitters avoid needing to figure out the three states available from the SHM Alarm tileonce they successfully enter the PIN. I appreciate your consideration!