fully browser camera capture on motion

jh45 6 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones / Android 0

I'm sure this must have been raised before, but sorry I can't find it with the search engine in the threads...

I have been playing around with what's possible with the Remote Admin of Fully Browser, including the image capture from the on board camera, what I would like to do is use webcore to code to capture say 10 images on motion detection... doesn't even need to be the Fully browser motion detector, for example the device is in my kitchen so if the kitchen motion detector triggers and SHM is 'armed' then I would like to use the tablet camera to capture some images.

I think I can do all of it in webcore except when I issue the command 


to Fully browser - how do I capture that image ?? how can I redirect that image to a store somewhere ? anyone achieved this ?