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Moon phase Media Tile links

Reece D Eoff 6 years ago in Media Tiles updated by Ben Godfrey 6 years ago 3

Just wanted to share these 2 links I found for moon phases. The first is a computer generated image that only has 8 different moon phases (about 3-4 days for each phase) but the new moon and possibly the full moon phases stay for a half day max. The second link is a navy provided link that provides an actual image of the literal moon that they seem to update everyday.

Link 1 (Computer Generated) :


Link 2 (Navy Moon Image) :

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Cool! Thanks for sharing!

The Navy Moon Image is now broken.  Alternatives?

I just tested both links and neither is working for me either. The moon image from the Navy is no longer loading because of SSL errors with their site.

Did you find an alternative?