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Intent URL for Spotify on Denon Heos on Fire Tablet

Supergolfstick 6 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 2

Can anyone help with finding/creating the Intent URL to integrate Spotify and Denon Heos Drive for action tiles.  I have tried from other posts intent URL's that are out there and they seem to only be IOS based and not proper string for android or more specifically the Amazon Fire HD 10 (2017).  Any help is greatly appreciated.


would love HEOS as well...

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Try this ... It is the only method we know of. If it doesn't work, try Google. If no results, then try Tasker or AutomateIT. If they don't work... it is likely impossible.

Use the Fully browser App and it's special function "Universal Launcher" to find the middle portion of any App that is launchable from a shortcut. per:  https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/1255-open-android-app-or-app-activity-via-url-formatted-shortcut

e.g,. Hue V2 is:


(The green highlighted part is provided by Fully's tool. The rest is the same for every launchable App).