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Open Android App or App activity via URL formatted Shortcut

Paulo Nóbrega 3 years ago in Shortcut Tiles updated by mark C 2 weeks ago 201

hi there....

Is there a way to open android apps, ou executy an app activity?

I use chromecast audio for multiroom, i can't seem to find a way to open the Google Play Music within smartthings...
In my dashboard and just wanted at least to open the app, and then the music app can handle where to play the music...

Does anyone found any shortcut to open Play Music? I've tried as shortcut the app name, the activity to open app but nothing works... In the dashboard when i click that shortcut it takes me to configuration of the tiles. LOL

Does it make sense?




The latest Fully Kiosk Browser release has helped a bunch with opening Android apps from actiontiles. You can now select apps for the whitelist.  You can also figure out the app intent URL very easily, by turning on the new single app mode and selecting the app you want.  It will then load the intent URL which you can copy and paste it into a shortcut tile.  So far I have gotten it to work with Spotify and Hangouts.  Works like a charm.


Is anyone used AutoApps for Tasker to handle this?  All I have to do is use a shortcut link like 


in ActionTiles, making sure the "open in same window" option is set.  Then in tasker I have an AutoApps event that listens for "recipes"and executes an open app task for my recipe app.

I even have more complicated ones.  This one is for my Niles system.  It tells tasker I want to control the kitchen zone and set the source to radio.  Tasker listens for "niles" and the other two become variables to select the correct task to execute.


No worries about intents or browser quirks so far for me!


here are the URLs that I've come up with so far.  I'm yet to find an app that doesn't work, if you follow the process I described above.

Spotify - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.spotify.music/.MainActivity;end

SmartThings - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.smartthings.android/.main.MainActivity;end

Hangouts - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.google.android.talk/.SigningInActivity;end

Calendar - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.google.android.calendar/com.android.calendar.AllInOneActivity;end

Google Home - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.google.android.apps.chromecast.app/.DiscoveryActivity;end

Skype - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.skype.raider/.Main;end

Harmony - intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.logitech.harmonyhub/.ui.SplashActivity;end


Right-on. Here is my list (broken into some relevant categories)...







Nest intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.nest.android/com.obsidian.v4.activity.LoginActivity;end








Calendar (Google)

Calendar (Samsung)


Contacts (Google)

Contacts (Samsung)






 (I got this one the same way, but it's not working for me. 
  If you have a different one, please share it here or PM me.)









































It actually works perfect on Fires:

Step 1: In Kiosk swipe right-> Settings-> Web Content-> "Open URL Schemes in other apps" Switch on

Step 2: Universal Launcher-> Select Items to Show -> Select the apps you want to run

Step 3: Write down all the links by clicking on the pen. They will look something like: com.spotify.music/com.spotify.music.MainActivity

Step 4: IN AT create the shortcut by adding intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=<-Enter step 3 here->;end

Step 5: Add the shortcut to your panel

Step 6: Go into the properties of the shortcut and select "Open in same window"

Step 6 must be used if you are not a plus sub for Fully

You should be good to go

Currently running spotify, my denon amp app and fire tv app like this.

Maybe I'm dense but I tried following the instructions for obtaining the link on a Fire Tablet but for the life of me I can't find where in the application settings it shows the launcher.  Has anyone found the link for the Amcrest View application?  I've got Spotify and Google working like a charm thanks to this group!


I have recently switched from a single Samsung tablet to multiple Fire 10 tablets. All of my app shortcuts work but Amazon music. I'm assuming this is because the url is different on an Amazon tablet. Does anyone have a working url for Amazon music on a Fire tablet?


you'd have to run through the same process of identifying the URL on your fire tablet.  I don't have one handy to do it for you...but it should be just as easy as it was on the Samsung tablet.

Can someone give-me the step by step inside the kiosk browser and the actiontiles to make it work? I tried to open spotify with the shortcut tile and I am failing miserably... I am only getting white screen every time. The only thing that worked for me is a real spotify URL but it opens the website and not the app itself

With this: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.spotify.music/.MainActivity;end only white screen

Do I need to pay the plus version of kiosk browser to make it work? Thanks

@Vinicius Watson

I just tried that URL for Spotify, and it worked. 

Did you try it from within Fully, or some other browser? 
The reason I ask is that, when I try from Chrome, I also get the white page.  

yeah I tried with fully, I am wondering If I need to change any configuration inside fully... I see that there is a LOT of settings there

Do any of the app intent urls work for you?
I posted about 50 or so up above a ways....try some and let us know.

I've been trying to figure out the syntax for an intent to open Tinycam Pro.   Can you give some advice on how/where to find that?



Tinycam Pro


Hm, when I add that to my panel and change the shortcut to open in the same window, my phone is asking me whether to open in Google Pay or Samsung Pay. So strange. I definitely have TinyCam Pro installed.

Trying to link the shark ion robot app to open from actiontile shortcut. Any help is appreciated




thanks for your help. Worked perfect

Does anyone here know if this can be done for 'Apps' (and/or Applications) in Windows 10?


The thing with Windows and such, is you can get plug-ins for the browser, so I'm betting there's one for Edge ... or maybe even Chrome / Firefox.

I did a very quick Google and found these articles, but I don't think it is a complete solution:

Arlo: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.netgear.android/.main.MainActivity;end

The above intent opens the app but forces me to log in every time. Any tips on modifying to open the app bypassing the login? When I click open app from the play store it doesn’t ask me to log in.


anybody have a shortcut URL for the Blink cameras?


Does anyone know if this will work while in Kiosk mode on a Fire HD tablet? I believe this is what is happening to me. I have gotten the intents to work with AT and by having Popops allowed, intents allowed, and added the URL to the whitelist in app launcher (not the URL launcher in the Web Content Settings) but it only seems to work by opening apps when it is not in kiosk mode. If its in Kiosk mode it opens the app but a second then it goes back to the AT site in FK. I also tried to disable Kiosk mode and removed the intent from the app launcher settings and in AT side in FK it openes up the app automatically. So i don't know what the Kiosk mode is doing that is causing it not to open. Also i have set Open shortcut in the same window in AT.

Any help?

Same issue.  It doesn't work in Kiosk mode with Fire HD.


It actually works perfect on Fires:

Step 1: In Kiosk swipe right-> Settings-> Web Content-> "Open URL Schemes in other apps" Switch on

Step 2: Universal Launcher-> Select Items to Show -> Select the apps you want to run

Step 3: Write down all the links by clicking on the pen. They will look something like: com.spotify.music/com.spotify.music.MainActivity

Step 4: IN AT create the shortcut by adding intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=<-Enter step 3 here->;end

Step 5: Add the shortcut to your panel

Step 6: Go into the properties of the shortcut and select "Open in same window"

Step 6 must be used if you are not a plus sub for Fully

You should be good to go

Currently running spotify, my denon amp app and fire tv app like this.

adding apps to the launcher is disabled for fully on fire os. So I can’t select apps I have to enter the url. 

@Gilbert For step 2, you said "Universal Launcher", did you mean "Application Launcher" in the Fully settings or something else? Because in Application Launcher, as some others have pointed out, you can't select Apps on the Fire, at least I can't on mine and it looks like others have the same issue.


Really not sure what you guys are talking about... I have 6 fires (7 and 10) and the above is EXACTLY right.

Make sure you have the right version installed, the fireOS version not the android one, and make sure you are on the latest version


OK, so figured it out, thanks for getting me on the right track. I found out the Fully apk on the site and side loaded it on my tablet. From there I was able to see the Universal Launcher in Settings that you mentioned and add the Ring app there. Turns out the intent URL is not the same as the one provided above, here's what got things working for me in case it can help somebody else: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.ringapp/com.ring.launch.LaunchActivity;end . Bear in mind this will just launch the Ring app, sadly I haven't found a way to launch in LiveView for my doorbell, which would be my preference but I think I'll have to settle for trying to auto launch it via Tasker and AutoNotifications simulating a click on the notification when there's an event.

Gilbert could  you  help me out  please withThe harmony app to create AT , Gilbert I would like to know  step 4 I have to Write http or just adding intent;launchFlags=Ox10000000;component=<- step 3 -> ;end      Is like this ? Thanks 

When I click on Nest it opens a tab but it opens an older Google Play store instead of the app or website. Any hints? I used the URL from a post way above that seems to me to direct to the Play Store anyway.


The link that you used might be for an older version... look at my steps in the post above

Stuck in Fully Kiosk Single App mode - 

Well... managed to set up Fully Kiosk and all was good until I attempted to add a tile to open Honeywell Evohome.

I whitelisted the app, obtained the 'intent' link and have turned on 'single app mode'.

I have selected Honeywell Evohome as the single app and unfortunately I cannot exit this app now.

Even a reboot returns back to it. 

My tablet is quite old - a galaxy tab 2 I think - it has no hardware home button and the on screen ones are obviously disabled.

Please can anyone help.. I'm proper stuck

Is it possible to launch a specific radio station, sonos favorite, sonos playlist, or even a spotify favorite in Sonos by simply pressing a button in AT?  I have a button in AT that launches Sonos (intent), but I want to press a button that opens Sonos and plays one of my favorites.  Thanks. 

I suggest checking / posting on the SONOS Community Forum.

The question was asked at least once, but not answered:  https://en.community.sonos.com/advanced-setups-229000/launch-sonos-app-from-3rd-party-app-via-url-6797542

Yeah, I had found that thread, and many others.  I saw that it has been discussed, but no answer.  Took a shot in the dark since this thread has more recent traffic.  There is also this related thread on this forum: https://support.actiontiles.com/knowledge-bases/8/articles/911-can-a-shortcut-tile-open-an-app, whci ironically pointed me to this spot. 

Anybody having any issue launching the Ring app from a Fire tablet? I thought the intents weren't working for me because all I care about is Ring right now, but I tested with Tasker and realized that launches fine, so seems my issue is specific to Ring. I tried the URLs specified above along with a few others I found, no luck, nothing works, I keep getting the "Failed to start another app" error.

I can't get Ring to work on Fully on Fire Tablet 7 either. Any ideas?

Not sure if you followed the whole thread, did you install the Fully app made for Fire OS? If not, that would be the first thing to try, you can download and install from the Fully web site.

This works for me:


Has anyone achived to get the Google Assistant intent in URL format?

I want the intent which let's me speak with Google Assistant.

Does anyone know if there is an intent string to open the Foobar2000 Controller app?

Arlo opens if i use the below URL however everytime it prompts for username and password despite entering it previously and keeping the app running in the background.  Has anyone found a way around this? 


Did you ever sort this out?

I'm new at this and got it setup where it works great but I'm having trouble setting up my acurite weather website. If I use the web page it gives me more imfo than using the app. If I put in myacurite.com  I use www.myacurite.com/#/dashboard and it goes right to my page which shows my all 7 of my sensors. I can ask alexa what my home weather is and it tells me all 7 rms. If I use the app it's not as extensive. Thank u 


I'm struggling to find your question in your post.  Do you need help figuring something out?

Does anyone know how I can get items like Temp and Pressure from my Acurite page to display as an image.  The web display from myacurite.com comes from active code.

Took me awhile to figure out the pieces.  I had to ensure a few settings were proper in FullyKiosk as well as create the ActionTiles URL Shortcut tile using the intent.

So, now that I can open Spotify from an ActionTiles tile, how do i get back to the FullyKiosk Start page.  so far the only way i have seen is swipe right and click Goto Start URL.  I see there are 3 options for the Tile settings, but even selecting Open in Dialog within Panel I dont get a X to close, until I use the Android task switcher and go back to FullyKiosk

If you turn on Kiosk mode, then hitting the main home button will just take you back to your Fully Start Page.


"Home button to resume Fully Start Page" doesn't work on FireOS, right, JB? ... Unfortunately?

The Fully developer is also constantly improving his App, so we can remain hopeful that a clever workaround might be discovered. Of course, we know that the bargain price of Fire tablets imposes some sacrifices.


o shoot.  Yeah, I've always made a point of running stock Android tablets because of the Fire limitations. I haven't been tracking which limitations were still outstanding.


maybe i'll think twice about the Black Friday sale on Fire 8HD for the rest of my build out and look for vanilla android ones instead

Where is the "Home button to resume Fully Start Page" setting?

Web Browsing Settings / "Load Start URL on Home Button"

(Please explore all the Fully options. You might find other useful ones 😉). 


I bought 2 hd8s for 99.00 on QVC on 6 interest payments there also on HSN same  then used fully kiosk and set actiontiles as home page and put the by my top and bottom front drs. So when I'm leaving or coming home I can set what I want. They have Show mode so I can tell alexa what to do. That's why I bought them instead of regular tablets

Stupid question here so bare with me as I'm a newbie.  I've configured my Fire tablet 8HD with action, dakboard, and Fully.  got every thing up.  I'm a bit confused as to where I place shortcuts to open up apps.  I thought I would do this on Actiontiles but that's not the case for all apps.  I'm trying have a tile to open up Ring, amazon music and spotify.  Where do I enter this string? intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.ringapp/com.ring.launch.LaunchActivity;end
and create a tile?
Start by creating a Shortcut definition object under My Shortcuts (left side navigation menu).

Then it will be available as a Shortcut Tile to add to any Panel.
I tried that.  I created a shortcut, placed this in the URL:intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.amazon.mp3/com.amazon.mp3.library.activity.LaunchActivity;end
But then Fully just opens a blank page on another tab.

Be sure that the Fully Settings option / Web Content Settings / "Open URL Schemes in Other Apps" is enabled.

If you are using FireOS, you may also need the special FireOS version of Fully. https://fully-kiosk.com

It's kind of a long process. You need to add the app to the smart launcher in fully, then click the edit pencil and it will show the full app shortcut. Once you have it copied turn off the smart launcher and enter in your shortcut in AT.

Please see the Pinned Post at the top of this Topic. https://actiontiles.userecho.com/agent/#comment-17037

I am attempting to create a tile for the amazon music application and am using the following link:  intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=

Com.amazon.mp3;end which was given to me by going to the single app mode and taking that url, however when I click on the link nothing happens.  Do I need to add .launcheractivity or something near the end to actually launch?  Thanks!

I'm trying to launch my wink app, I got this URL from fully: com.quirky.android.wink.wink, and tried to use the Intent string as:


But that did not work.  not sure what the proper string would be.  Also not sure if I should be mentioning the Wink word :)

This has been a really helpful post and I've got most of the apps I need working from the instructions here. There is one more I'd really like to add but I've not been able to follow the steps on my Fire to find the URL. Its for the Swannview Link app. Could someone please either let me know the URL or tell me how I find it from the tablet? I can find the app settings as described but not the option for 'set as default'

this is excellent but how is everyone navigating back to the fully kiosk browser from Spotify for instance, I have inset all my tablets flush within the wall and have no access to either the hard button and hidden all the virtual home buttons etc...

If you swipe up from the bottom of the screen (can be difficult if no part of the bezel is exposed), then the Back, Home, and Running soft-buttons should appear.

Anyone have the string format for launching Spotify into a specific playlist?  The instructions here were perfect for getting Spotify working.  Thanks everyone!

Anyone have the string format for launching Wyze cam? The app dosent support "intent".

just tried one for Kodi.. but no joy .. not sure if that is supported? Got Sonos and Netflix working great, just Kodi that does not want to work😟

Anyone get Amazon music working? I have a kindle HD 10 and all my other apps are working expect Amazon Music 

Is it possible to have it automatically switch back to Fully somehow even if it's just timed?

That would take either "root" and/or something like Tasker or AutomateIT App.

I believe that when Fully passes control to the App, it can't just pull it back. But explore the Fully settings - there are a dozen pages of Settings...

Hey Shane I had that exact same requirement, I ended up using fully kiosk browser REST API and sent the tablet a command to restart fully app which brought it back to the foreground. 

http://TABLET IP ADDRESS:2323/?cmd=restartApp&password=(remote admin password)

interesting workaround. Maybe I could pair that with tasker to detect no input after say 90 seconds while fully is not in the foreground to satisfy my use case! 

Hello hope all is well hope fully i am posting in the correct place but i tried to post on the following link and wasn't allowed too https://support.actiontiles.com/communities/12/topics/1255-open-android-app-or-app-activity-via-url-formatted-shortcut

but it just allowed me too affter i posted this in another section sorry , 

but here we go ok so iam trying to make a short cut in action tiles to be able to open the wyze cam app iam currently using an amazon 10 7th gen tablet the intent that the wyze app has is com.hualai/com.hualai.home.StartActivity

so when i write it in the action tiles short cuts like this   



it tells me app not found for intent ,,

can anyone please help me solve this . please.

try removing "hualai/"  Most urls listed in this thread have "=com."  yours shows "=hualai/com."

Where you able to get this to work. I have tried the bellow suggestion and did not work for me. 




Here's what I'm using for Wyze and it seems to work, however, I can't seem to figure out how to go directly to a specific camera feed.




Thanks to the ideas shared in this thread, I have an ActionTiles shortcut which opens the Sonos app on a Fire tablet.

Now, my living room Sonos needs to have the receiver turned on and set to a particular source in order to hear the music... which my Logitech Harmony can do just fine.  I have the Harmony setup and working in SmartThings, as well as ActionTiles.

I'd prefer not to have two separate tiles for those actions though.

Is there a way to perform the Harmony's "Listen to Music" function, and the "Open Sonos App" function, all by pressing a button on one tile?  That is, I want one tile to perform two actions.  Any idea if that's possible?

Thanks for any thoughts!


Hey Eric, You can use a virtual button that when pushed will trigger a webcore piston that send a web request to your tablet to launch the SONOS intent URL on the tablet (using Fully-Kiosk Browser) and then turning on the ST Harmony switch for you "Listen to Music" activity.

 I can mockup a WebCore Piston for you later this evening.

Thanks for your thoughts! I'm not currently using WebCore, though I do suppose I've been looking for an excuse to get into that.  Perhaps I have one now :-)

If no one has a thought for how to make an ActionTiles button trigger a local app and an ST event, then maybe WebCore is the way to go.

I dont own any Sonos.  Sonos shows up in ST correct?  If so, then can Harmony be used to trigger what you want?

Thanks for your reply! The goal would be to open the Sonos music app on the fire tablet running AT, as well as execute a particular Harmony event using ST (which turns on the stereo receiver).

I don't know of a way to open the Sonos app on the fire tablet using the Harmony, though Sam mentioned that maybe it can be done through WebCore.  Which would be kind of cool if that works :-)


Yep the Harmony activity can trigger the receiver to change to the correct receiver input but Eric is looking to also open the Sonos app on the tablet without have to push two tile buttons

Current setup:

- AT Button 1 - Trigger harmony activity (turn on receiver, change receiver input to Sonos device)
- AT Button 2 - URL shortcut to Sonos Intent URL

Proposed setup:

- AT Switch 1 (on position) - trigger WebCore piston turn on Harmony activity and send web request to fully kiosk browser to open intent URL

- AT Switch 1 (off position) -  trigger WebCore piston turn off Harmony activity

Thanks Sam I understand better now.  Could IFTTT or Stringify be used?


Would anyone be able to post the Pandora string again? Tried the one listed above but didn't work.....see a quick flash of Pandora's startup screen but quickly goes out and I'm back at my Fire's home menu. Have multiple other apps working fine - nest, harmony, sonos....etc so don't think it's a setting miscue.

Have licensed Fully Kiosk installed on a Fire HD 10

Thanks in advance to anyone taking the time to reply! Love this app and forum

Has anyone setup Arlo app to launch from Action Tiles consistently. Works then it doesn't and it always prompts for user and password. ? 

Hi guys, I am trying to get this to work on my S8+ and I tried both Sonos and SmartThings and when I click the link, it asks me what app I want to open with, but it lists a few apps that are not the one I am trying to open. Any ideas here?

Hi Tom,

It's easier to help you if you provide very specific details...

  • What browser?
  • Exactly what full URLs are you using in your Shortcut Tile(s)?
  • Did you set the Shortcut Tile Settings to "Open in Same Window" or "Open in New Window"?
  • Have you tried any of the specific examples that other customers say work?
  • ... etc.

Hi Terry!

Thanks for your response. I'd be happy to provide those details - my apologies for not including them in my original post:

- browser is Chrome 71.0.3578.99 on Android 8.0.0

- for Sonos, I am using intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.sonos.acr/.SonosLaunchActivity;end

- for SmartThings, I am using intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.smartthings.android/.main.MainActivity;end

- I have it set to open in a new window

- Yes, I copied and pasted these examples from this thread. I have others I want to add as well, but I figured I should get one of these working before I start moving on to any others.

Let me know if that helps and if you have any suggestions on what I can try to get these working. Thanks!


I suspect some (all?) of these "intent" formatted Shortcuts will only work from the ActionTiles App (in Play Store and Amazon Appstore) or Fully Kiosk - not Chrome.

I just tested the example you gave for SmartThings Classic and it works perfectly from the ActionTiles App, and Fully ... but not Chrome.

Okay thanks, I just tried it in the ActionTiles App and I get the message that "Popups and news tabs disabled". I see that other people have mentioned needing to turn this on too, but I went into the app settings and I am driving myself a little crazy looking for this setting. Where can I enable this?

Popups & tabs option is only available with the PAID version of Fully; but it is easy to avoid the need for the option.

In Panel Builder edit each of your Shortcut Tiles to use "Open in Same Window" instead of "New Window".

I am having this exact same problem with the intents string for TC2.0.  Post below.

I have had lots of success with AT but adding a shortcut to the 
Arlo cam app on Android isn't one of them. The panel is running on a Fire7 with licensed Fully. This shortcut worked for a couple of days and now it doesn't. I am not going to integrate Arlo with ST as it doesn't get me video feed but I would like access the cams from tablet. I would appreciate any help that you can throw this way.


Hi Will,  I was having problems with my Arlo intents below, but used yours and it works for me.  Perhaps delete and then add back?

Does anyone have working links for any of these apps?

HD Homerun


Hubble for Motorola Monitors


I have had success as well using the intents listed i this thread.  I thought I would contribute both Arlo as well as TC 2.0 (Total Connect for Honeywell Alarms), but I'm having a problem.  I used the process above to determine the intent string for both apps:

Arlo:  intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.netgear.android.main.MainActivity;end

TC2.0: intent:#Intent;launchFlags=0x10000000;component=com.alarmnet.tc2.login.controller.LoginActivity;end

When I click on the shortcut in AT, I received a pop up dialog box asking Open with


Call Settings


Google Assistant


Network Settings

I am running a Samsung NEXUS 10 with the latest version of the Android OS for the device 5.1.1, Fully Kiosk Browser (paid)

Does anyone know how to add launching the screensaver?  I'd like an ActionTile on my Home Panel that will launch the screensaver, which is my DAKBoard.

Are you using Fully Kiosk Browser?  Not in front of my tablet but thought you could add a timeout in the browser to launch.  Would that work or you really want a tile to press/activate?

There would be a way if you want a actiontile button but it would be a multi-tiered process including the following:

  1. ST Virtual Button/Switch
  2. WebCore
  3. Fully Kiosk licensed version

Idea: Have webcore monitor the virtual button, then trigger a web request to the the tablet running Fully to change screensaver wait til to something like 1 second and make another web request to make it back to your default wait time.

Hello, I am using Fully Kiosk (Plus), the licensed version.  And I have it set to come on after 60 seconds, but I was looking to force it to launch.  I figured out how to open DAKboard as a media link ActionTile.  Of course, it didn't act like a screensaver, just a web page.
Sam's solution is creative, I like the critical thinking there.  It might work.
In the meantime, I went over the interface with my wife, and we made some adjustments to DAKboard and the Home Panel.  So it may not be necessary anymore to find this solution for manually launching the screensaver.  Thanks you two, for piping up.



I just did a test and looks to accomplish what you were trying.  (I had to try once I gave the suggestion :) )

Add the Dakboard switch as a thing on your AT panel and here's the webcore piston I tested with.

Anyone have an url to open tesla app?

Does anyone have a working url for the Blynk app? Following Gilbert's above instructions in Fully Kisok produces the following:


Thus, the url I then used for an  AT shortcut is:


Unfortunately that results in a "failed to start another app" error. Nor has any variation I can come up with worked.  I am testing on a samsung galazy s7,. The shortcut I made for sonos and google calendar work great. Blynk is a big part of my home automation, so any help would be greatly appreciated!

Nevermind the below url finally worked. Not at all sure what finally made it work though. Magic i guess!


Back trying this again. I would like to open sonos inside of AT.

I'm using fully kiosk paid version on a samsung tablet and I have 


as the shortcut and Open shortcut in a dialog within the Panel. Sonos is not opening

Can someone please help


Is anyone used AutoApps for Tasker to handle this?  All I have to do is use a shortcut link like 


in ActionTiles, making sure the "open in same window" option is set.  Then in tasker I have an AutoApps event that listens for "recipes"and executes an open app task for my recipe app.

I even have more complicated ones.  This one is for my Niles system.  It tells tasker I want to control the kitchen zone and set the source to radio.  Tasker listens for "niles" and the other two become variables to select the correct task to execute.


No worries about intents or browser quirks so far for me!

The apps I need all seem to open fine. The six step process someone posted up-thread was very helpful, as was the latest updates to the Fully Kiosk Browser. What I would like to know is how to stop or exit the app and return to Fully/Actiontiles? On a fire hd 8 i can swipe up to get the back-home-tasks buttons, hit the tasks button and see the apps running and close them from there. Is there a recommended way to close them and automatically return to the page I was on?

Android OS is designed to not require the closing of Apps. You should just use either the Back softkey to return out of the App, or use the Overview/Recents softkey to see ActionTiles in the list of running Apps and tap to bring it to foreground.

Can anyone give me the intent to open Denon App and land it to the Volume Control page please?

Unfortunately, Smartthings does not appear to support Ceiling Fan controls for Lutron Caseta switches (yet).  Can anyone please help me with a URL/shortcut to open my Lutron App (Android)?

Hi Terry. Yes, Thank you!  I think I am close.  My intent URL launches the Lutron app successfully from within the AT app on my tablet, but not within (Fully)Browser.

Try different options for the Shortcut Tile settings (in Panel Builder). You may have to try "Open in Same Tab/Window" or "Open in New Tab/Window" - not sure which is more likely to work properly.

The ActionTiles App is built with Fully, but you may also have one of the Fully settings somehow blocking app launching or pop-ups, though I can't think of which setting it may be. Take your time and examine all the Fully settings - you can always uninstall and re-install Fully to reset it.


Thank you Terry!  I found my issue. Once I enabled "Open URL Schemes in Other Apps" (in Web Content Settings), my intent: URL opened the Lutron app.

i can open an app using a shortcut tile but would like to do a bit more...

i have this bluetooth app for controling my blinds .. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.feng.ktcurtainscontroller&hl=en which i can launch, but i would like to launch it an run on of the sceens i have pre saved, is it possable and how would i go into finding the right command name.

so this in a differnt post and wonder if it could be configer to open a specic camera by changing the 'MainActivity' bit?


This is currently configured and lanuches the app


I want to open VLC media player to a specific stream.   Is there any way using the "intent" method to do this?  Or open a specific playlist in VLC?   I haven't been able to find any info on how to do this.  any help is appreciated!