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XBox browser

stavrosf 6 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated 6 years ago 2


I would like to create a panel to use on my Xbox - that uses a version of edge - but at the login page I cannot trigger the "log in" button. 

Any solution?

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Hi Stavro,

Without browser debugging output, it's going to be difficult to tell what's going on. In Windows Edge (as well as Chrome and Firefox), pressing F12 will bring up the debugger; and all error messages are shown in the "console" tab of the debugger.

If F12 is not available, right-click / "Inspect Element" will also trigger the debugger panes to appear.

I don't know if these options are available on XBox. If not, then an XBox developer environment is likely required - i.e., I presume there's a development environment for Windows for XBox games and tools; but I don't have expertise in this regard.

The strange thing that I found is that if I choose private browsing as a browser option it works. Not in the normal mode. (Maybe it helps, maybe not)

Stavros Fourfourianakis