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"Connecting" displays weekly.

Kevin M W 1 month ago in Panels (dashboards) • updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 3 weeks ago 1

I've got action tiles on my iPad which is amazing when it works. At least once a week I've noticed that when I get up it is displaying "connecting" with the spinning orange icon. I end up needing to delete the bookmark, add the bookmark again, sign back in and it will work for a few days and go back to "connecting". Any solutions if you've ran into this before? Thank you!

Waiting for Customer

Hi Kevin,

If you "Bookmark" or "Pin to Home Screen" while viewing an actual Panel, you should never have to re-create that Bookmark or Home Screen Icon. It contains the full URL to the Panel including its unique ID that will only change if you delete the Panel. A Panel URL looks like this:


The "Connecting" message should only occur if there is a non-trivial network issue (i.e., longer than a short blip)...

  • Is your broadband reliable?
  • What model and version of iPad are you using - older ones do not have as reliable network connections and ability to seamlessly reconnect.

If it does not reconnect automatically, you should not have to delete the bookmark or icon; but rather, just refresh the browser page. I'm not certain how to do this on iPad ... drag and release from the near the top (but not the actual top) of the screen works in Android.

We know that iOS Safari has quirks that are not experienced on Android Chrome, Fully, or Firefox. But we have not had any similar reports to yours of frequent "Connecting..." issues. If possible, please:

  • Try a different model of Tablet or Phone or desktop/laptop, including Android. This will help indicate if you have network / WiFi issues at home.
  • Try an alternative browser on the iPad.