Blank tiles on bottom row causing scroll bar to appear

adamp 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Alex (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 5 years ago 5

Having an empty tile on the bottom row is causing a blank extra row to be created on the bottom - thereby causing the vertical scroll bar to appear. I believe it's creating an extra row because the scroll is exactly the amount of a row if there was an extra row. Replacing blank tiles on the bottom row with other tile types resolves the issue. A possible work around would be capturing a black image, and making that media tile 1x1.

Checking the .css - it looks like md-content {overflow: auto} instead of {overflow: hidden} is set from angular-material.min.css. Changing to hidden resolves the issue (although this essentially hides scroll bars - so not sure if that would be ideal for everyone else). Perhaps a future feature would be to provide a toggle to show/hide scroll bars? And on your end if hide is selected, to set overflow: hidden.



This is what's shown in Chrome on Win10. The panel itself is being displayed on a Fire HD 7 in Fully browser. Though the scroll bar does NOT show within Fully, you can still accidentally swipe up, and the tiles will scroll down since the extra space does exist. All of the other panels are fine, and I guess it's because I don't have any blank tiles in any of the last tile sets.

I've also tried playing around having everything in 1 tile set (e.g. setting the blank tiles to 1x3) - that actually ended up producing more space below the panel.


I am experiencing the same exact issue. I have played around with sizing and moving blank tiles, but eventhough my panel looks like it fits perfectly in the screen it moves up/down. Its like there is a phantom spacing in the edges of the tiles the doesn't play nice with the tablet. I thought it was just me, its been driving my wife nuts!

btw I have this on Kindle Fire HD 7 tablets.

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