Local Video Uploaded to ActionTiles Server?

DrPyro2k 6 years ago in Security updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 1

I run a local NVR (network video recorder), specifically Unifi Video, to record/manage several security cameras.  I have set the action tiles to grab periodic jpeg image (1 per second) from the local server.  However, I have noticed a significant amount of traffic being generated on my wifi network due to action tiles (way more than what I would expect by just updating SmartThings or pulling a single jpeg that is on the active screen).  It appears that ActionTiles is actually uploading the jpeg files to some internet based location. The reason I have a local NVR is that I don't want the images uploaded to the cloud, but ActionTiles appears to do just that. How can I disable this?



We absolutely do not "upload", store, or transcode your video Media feeds in any way at all.

The JPG, MJPEG, or GIF is pulled directly by your browser from the source referred URL onto the browser with no intermediaries whatsoever.

Please contact Support@ActionTiles.com if you have further questions.


... Terry.

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