Discussion: Swipe gesture for tiles, stackable Tiles, etc.

Derrick Ho 6 years ago in Panels (dashboards) updated by Terry (ActionTiles) (Co-Founder) 6 years ago 1

Tiles that are tappable like buttons/lights/routines can only be tapped.

But what if we allow them to be swiped to trigger?  Sometimes buttons near the edge of the screen may be accidentally tapped or tapped in the pocket of your mobile device.  Swiping may prevent that.

This leads to another idea.  Combining multiple tiles to fit in the same x y coordinate but differ in the z level.  They can swipe up down left or right. To trigger the tile.

This could be useful for mobile defices that have limited screen real estate.

My idea for a UI would look like stacked scrabble tiles with the edges visible.  If the tile behind is capable of changing states they would be slightly visible.

Some language keyboards do something like this.  The iOS Japanese kana keyboard has a 3x3 keyboard

You can tap the あ to insert a あ or you can swipe あ left to get い

Imagine using this for different lighting scenes.  You’d be able to include a lot without taking too much space.

Anyone think this is a interesting idea?


Howdy Derrik,

Your ideas aren't likely to become Features for the foreseeable future, so I made this just a Discussion Topic rather than a Feature Request. You're also describing two concepts which I think can be distinct.

  1. "Swipe" as a gesture to activate a Tile is not unheard of:  I use Nova Launcher (alternative home screen App for Android), and, indeed, any icon can be linked to an alternative function or App via the "swipe" gesture - I think even the direction of the swipe can be specified. Adding this type of UI complexity, though, would stray from the core premise of ActionTiles: The ability to create "simple to use" control panels. While configuration is not trivial, the Panels themselves should avoid being too mysterious or weird.
  2. And I guess the above paragraph definitely applies to the "stackable" Tiles paradigm your Topic describes. If anything, we might consider the more common case (also present in Nova Launcher), of "Group Tiles": Such that a Tile would be a mini-pop-up sub-Panel with its own set of Tiles ... generally a small set of related items. The appearance of the Group Tile itself might indicate the Tiles contained within, or just be a unique icon itself.