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Stock Ticker Tile

Corey 6 years ago in Things & Capabilities / RSS & Feeds updated by Leo Hart 4 years ago 14

While I realize that this may veer slightly off of the smart home control aspect of Action Tiles, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a stock ticker tile to compliment your other Clock, Weather, Weather Forecast, Calendar, and RSS News Feed tiles?  I use my tablets for both smart home control as well as a "one stop shop" for information and it would be nice to have a tile where you could display the current prices of certain stocks, funds, etc., and have the tile scroll through them (realizing that it would/could not be real time information).

I assume this would be low priority compared to all the other activities you have going on, but am curious whether there are others who are interested in a stock ticker tile as well.  Thanks.

Maybe the guy who built the JGGDEV tiles would entertain the challenge.  I've forgotten his name, but I know he was active on the SmartThings Facebook Group in the past.

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We have now licensed John's JGGDEV/atiles code; so the ball is (mostly) in our court now.

o.  I thought that was just temporary.  I didn't change my tiles, because I figured his site would be back soon enough. 

Good to know though.  I guess I'll go out and update my stuff.

Please don't update your Tiles yet. ... The migrated tools are still only in Beta.

(The new prefix will be: https://mtg.ActionTiles.com/ ...)

Too late, but no worries.  The change was simple.  I updated to the beta URL and everything is working perfectly.  I'll cut over to mtg.actiontiles.com whenever you say "go"


I found one RSS feed which could potentially be used with the existing JGG RSS news tool:


I converted the URL per the instructions to::


Unfortunately this feed puts the stock info into the description of the RSS not the title, so it doesn't show in the image.  I couldn't really find anything else.

Thanks Kevin1.  I'll play around with the news tile (using a custom RSS news source) and see if I can get it to do what I'd like... or at least something similar.


Maybe check out http://shields.io to see if you can get an image out of it. 

Check out my travel time thread to see how I used it. 

Thanks Rob!  I love that travel/commute time idea.  I had considered the same thing, but thought it would be well beyond my expertise.  After tinkering with it, I might try to adapt it for a stock ticker and see if I can get it to work.  Quick question for you though.  I was able to follow the thread and (eventually) get the image/tile working for me.  However, my image does not scale to fill up the tile.  Is there anything that you did special to get it to scale (i.e. stretch vertically) to take up the whole tile?

Edit: Nevermind... seems to not scale on my computer, but it does scale on the tablet (which is the important bit)


This website has Stock and Cryptocurrency charts that you can turn into media tiles.


Here is a link to BTC chart for example:


That's a great find.  I wouldn't call it a "ticker", but it's a very nice tool.  You can also tweak it to show different timeframes, or chart types.

Hello all,

Since it looks like it has been a while, I am going to bump this thread and see if anyone has been able to get a tile showing a stock ticker.   Preferably the DJIA and S&P500 but I will take whatever I can get.  Researched a bunch of RSS feeds but they all show news headlines and not a stock ticker.  

Anybody have success on this?