Advanced: Running ActionTiles inside an iFrame of own website

GrooveENERGY ca 6 years ago in Browsers Tablets Phones updated by AllJetNoPilot 6 years ago 4

I'm experimenting with iFrames to run the panels with a side menu system. It make it easier to jump from panel to panel. This is set up with my old iPad 2 (which is kind of slow now... thanks Apple) and the reason the tiles are a bit bigger than I would really care to have... but it works.

Image 1759


I did the same thing but instead of a side menu I create a java script with an interactive screensaver (swipe left/right etc).  Took me a while but finally got it working.

Do you have to login to actiontiles every time you launch it as well?

Actually I don't have to. I like your screensaver idea though.

Maybe you can help me out then.  I'm running it on an ipad 2 with ios 9.3.5.  The HTML is pretty basic, I just use an iFrame tag with the src set to my primary panel and then I have it setup as a shortcut on the homescreen so it launches in full screen.  The HTML is located on a local computer on my internal network.

When I launch it, it always brings me to logon screen and I have to login.

Is there anything you can think of that would cause that?

I've done a similar idea for a phone site that has a bit easier navigation. Unfortunately, I don't really use it anymore as I was trying to develop a locally hosted site, but it was working great initially.