Life360 Live Map

Eric Wright 1 year ago in Media Tiles • updated by Dave Blackwell 11 months ago 3

I wonder if it's possible to have a tile set to show the exact map location of a family member through life360. And, if not with life360, would there be any other service possible? I'm looking for something that'll update once every five minutes or so, or faster.


Wondering if there's any new information on this.  I am able to create tile with the current presence status of Life360.  I'd love to be able to show the location (maybe click on the tile to bring up a map of current location) of the Life360 Presence...  Even if it was a simple URL link to a map of that Life360 device...

This is needed. Use the app to pull in the live map.

unfortunately,  I can't get the Life360 app to install on a Fire tablet.   Has anyone else been successful?  Of so, I'd appreciate a link to the apk.  The one in the Play Store doesn't appear to work on Fire... 🤔